Setting The Right Expectations or Project Fails

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\"tug_of_war\"Business Information System (or BIS) is a software or set of applications that assist in daily business processing activities and management reporting requirements.

Before implementing any software or systems to an existing operation, it is vital to have everyone\’s mindset aligned to the same expectations to improve collaboration while minimizing miscommunications.

Take advantage of the meeting time with your vendor so that you and your team can understand each other more. Also to establish relationships and make others like you first.

For any software to improve and add value, first, it has to be profitable to the software vendor. Like any expected human behavior, if there is no motivation for a development to proceed, it will stop or being abandoned. But if the software continues to improve, mature and add richness to it, the benefits are to the users of the software.

The fact is: There\’s no such thing as a perfect software.

The perfection happens when users understand how the software works and take advantage of it.

The Way Datum Works

In Datum, we are highly motivated towards our software and we believe strongly that market-driven products are the way to go.

We love our clients because they pay us – not exactly. But because they are the domain experts. Their detailed experience mesmerize and inspire us to build solutions that empowers them to be on the competitive edge. Its our passion.

To achieve highest ROI in the software, is to first start to use it as soon as possible.


Being said so, our approach is to get the system running live first and then implement the suggestions (or wish-list) from the users. The bare minimum is to tweak the software to be able to run to replace existing operations that the software is capable of doing.

Coming back to the point, we are very much interested to know exactly the feedbacks and looking forward to improve the software with your team. However, to be realistic, timeframe and budget is part of the equation. Prioritizing is the answer.

Use what works, skip those that aren\’t.

We can focus all-day-long on what the software cannot do, but that doesn\’t bring any good to both parties. Try avoiding the gumption trap. Remember that motivation is the key to success in any project.

We look forward on collaborating with our clients and continuously building beautiful applications that gets the work done – fast.

In summary, expectations and motivations on both sides will make or break the success of the project.

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