ProLine 3.1 Latest Enhancements

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Hi folks!

Would like to quickly keep you updated on what our software engineers have been upto in the last few weeks and what’s happening to our infamous ProLine software…

Nope…they haven’t been sleeping during office hours 🙂

For a start, just to give you some heads-up, programming, no matter how little the enhancements maybe, IS  surely very exhausting. I’m not a programmer but I’ve been around programmers to see this

It’s no wonder, why no amount of coffee could prevent and exhausted programmer (in pic). She’s dozed off and she doesn’t even realize it. (Hahaha…just kidding!)

But whatever it is, we are happy to announce that ProLine 3.1 is here and is now Windows 8 ready!

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Here is a list of what enhancements went in…

  • Overall Performance and Stability Improvements
  • Drill-down for Accounting
  • SMS Feature
  • New Mobile Field Service Android app
  • Web Sales Module with Online Commission
  • Automailer

Overall Performance and Stability Improvements

  • Generating complete Ledger with 24,000 transactions…
    Yes! we heard you! You can now generate upto 24,000 transactions within the ledger module in accounting and it won’t eat into your system’s processing speed. Infact, we’ve made it 43.5X faster than the earlier version 3.0.
  • Drill-Down Ledgers
  • From Financial Reports
  • Double click on summary row dri!-down to details
  • Up to source document
  • Export and Print any page


SMS Texting Feature

Want to send text messages from ProLine? Now you can!
Why depend on unreliable and expensive 3rd party SMS softwares when you can easily use ProLine’s built in SMS feature!?

How can this feature help you in your business? In many ways then you can imagine!

  • SMS upcoming customer appointments to sales staff
  • Outstanding payments reminder
  • Cash receipting
  • Birthday reminder & auto-greeting. Using template messages

MFS App for Android Smartphones & Tablets


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What is MFS App?

MFS stands for Mobile Field Service and it is an android based software application built to run on any Android smart phone or tablet. Usually it’s used by field technicians who would record important data while in the field. قوانين لعبة بوكر Afterwhich, this data is automatically updated to the server in the office in real-time. موقع مراهنات المباريات As long as you have a 3G Internet connection.

Neat?! You bet!

And here are the detailed enhancements made to this piece of software in ProLine 3. افضل طريقة للعب الروليت 1:

  • Android App for Mobile Field Service
  • Assign Jobs on-the-fly
  • Paperless Job Sheet with signature
  • Take photos and upload to server
  • No admin overhead, automated Job Sheet updates

Web Sales Module

  • Empower Sales or Customers to Order Online
  • Custom Commission Calculations even for MLM
  • Online Statement for Commissions and Rebates
  • Tree view of Sales and Customers Hierarchy



  1. Automate all e-mailing tasks
  2. Define alerts or monitoring rules with intervals
  3. Daily, Weekly, Monthly tasks

Examples of what else AutoMailer can do:-

  • Weekly report preparation
  • Engineer productivity
  • Sales for the month
  • Service / Job Due
  • Unscheduled Jobs
  • Status Updates
  • Contract Expiry
  • Todays Logs
  • Non Chargeable Job Sheets
  • Unbilled Job Sheets
These are some of the latest enhancements we’ve made in ProLine 3.1.
If you have any comments or suggestions for further improvements, do let us know 🙂
Take care and talk soon!

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