Improving your Customer Collection!

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Most companies provide certain credit terms to their customer. However, introducing credit terms can be a challenging factor when customer does not pay promptly. Since credit terms are Receivable collection which equivalent to cash flow, it is essential for companies to adopt steps to prevent loss of cash flow from customers.


\"\"In order to improve cash flow, we can keep track customer based on their current collection. One way is to have a detailed aging report to monitor customer’s current balance that they owe to your company and how long they have owe. Proline prepares your company with the required report. The purpose of these reports allows your company to arrange your employee to call the customer, reminding them to settle their collection.

A reminder to customer can also be based on a monthly statement. With its flexibility, Proline is able to generate monthly statements to send it to customers. By doing so, customer will be able to keep track of their collection statements and pay the amount they owe.



Sometimes your customer will tend to forget about how much they owe money to your company. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can customize when your customer gets a payment reminder to inform them about their current aging to your company? Proline answers your question by allowing you to issue payment Reminders to customer.



Customers are always looking for incentive in every business they do. Have you ever thought of providing incentives for aging customer? Perhaps an offer of early discounts for those that settled their aging within a period of time? Or charge late interest for those that pay later? You probably need a system that does that right? With Proline you can do that.Customers will favor to pay earlier because they can pay lesser.


Let’s say if your customer is like 1 in a million that don’t pay no matter what you do, the final solution is to suspend their services and with a system like Proline, you are able to do that and ensure that your company would not provide free services.


Now you do not have to worry anymore about your customer collection because Proline took cares of it!

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