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As my internship period approached, I remember thinking the next four months would be a huge factor in determining my future career.

My name is Boaz and I work as an intern at the support department of Datum. Working at Datum has been a great experience for me. From the moment I arrived, I felt at home. My colleagues especially top management are really supportive and friendly. Over the last four months, I have been working on a variety of assignments such as improving the customer user guide, participating in during training sessions and helping out on many other projects. Along the way, I have practiced my soft skills that I would never learn from books. My boss said to acquire soft skills, some practice are needed instead of the theories from books. The numerous site visits that I went on also taught me a lot of things. I was able to see the business workflow from a perspective of customers which will certainly be helpful in my future career.

The best part of my internship was all of the people I was able to meet and work with. The entire experience was a positive one. All were from different ages and backgrounds, this enabled me to see all different areas of information pooled to work together. In addition, you guys need not worry with your stomach because Datum always provides you with unlimited food. kekeke 🙂 However there is a part that I do not enjoy here, the desk work. I am a type of person that easily get bored and sleepy so I always like to work outside. However, I need to overcome it because Datum is an IT company and the computer is on a desk. 😀

To conclude, I can say that Datum offers a fun, beneficial and real working environment. I have enjoyed this time so much and I have had the pleasure of working with the Datum community. To the new interns who read this, believe me you are in the right place.

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