5 (Five) Best Video Player for Android

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Video player in Android is one thing that Google hasn’t be serious in yet. Currently, it is not able to play all available video format.

Because of this reason, we need another video player for our Android to able to open a lot file. However, still, it all based on our device’s processor component. As the example, device with single core processor – ARMv6 architecture, cannot play some video format smoothly.

If your device is a modern one with fast processor in it, here are some applications that can help you to play a lot video format and show up the subtitle.


These are the five best video player for Android.

1. Dice Player

DicePlayer is a video player that can play a lot video format. The uniqueness of this app is it offers pop-up play feature so that you can play your video above the homepage menu. You can play your video while you are surfing on the internet or doing another things.


2. Real Player

Real Player is an old player in file multimedia industry that enlarge its wing to Android market. Although, currently It does not offer a lot feature and supported codec video in it, Real Player offers easiness and flexibility in organizing your music and video library.


3. MoboPlayer

MoboPlayer offers complete codec video . If you want to play a High Resolution video, it depends on your device processor.


4. VLC for Android Beta

VLC is also an old player in file multimedia player industry. However, it can be categorized that VLC is a late comer in Android market. With its Beta status, VLC can help to organize your video aspect ratio.


5. VPlayer

The unique factor of VPlayer is the integration from the hardware acceleration video player, that supports high resolution video format such as MKV and AVI, and the 1080p decoding video. I personally use this video player for my device.


source: http://tekno.kompas.com/read/2012/12/09/21162723/5.aplikasi.pemutar.video.terbaik.untuk.android

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