Internet Users is Growing Rapidly, Then ?

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The number of Internet Users is growing rapidly in the last decade. Based on Internet World Stats, the growth rate of internet users is over 566% for the period 2000-2012. Asia is the biggest contributor with 44.8% of all internet users on this planet. Nowadays, having access to the internet with the help of a high speed internet provider is basically a necessity in every household and business. 


Number of Internet Users in Asia

In Asia, Malaysia is listed among the top ten of  internet users. The Malaysian Internet Exchange (MyIX) Chairman Chiew Kok Hin said that in 2013, their statistics showed that internet traffic in Malaysia increased by a whopping 51% to a total of 349,277 Mbps, as compared with 230,631 Mbps in 2012.


Change of Spending Behavior Due The Growth of Internet Users

Based on studies released by eMarketer and edited by in USA, the number of items purchased from online media is bigger than printed media. Compared to the old and conventional advertisment that is using billboard and TV advertisment, online and internet marketing is the most efficient and succesful way to a sale.  It is because through online media, spending can be measured. bet356   It is also cheaper and targets a specific market. بيت ٣٦٥


With more than 60 million people browsing the web, Singapore and Malaysia represent the largest e-commerce market of Southeast Asia. According to this dropshipping agent, Singapore and Malaysia represent the largest e-commerce industries of Southeast Asia, even though these two countries only account for 8% of the Southeast Asian population. It is projected that both countries are expected to show double digit growth over the next years.


There are many types of E-commerce methods, such as:

  1. Digital/Online Campaign, using a microsite or social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Online Advertisement such as Online Banner/Placement, Google Adwords, SITTI, and Facebook Ads
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service by a reputed company like
  4. Marketing Email

So how will you benefit from this growth?

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