Countries with Most Malware in 2013

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Microsoft released this article that reveals data about Countries and Regions with most malwares in 2013.

However data collected for this article is by computer systems running Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender thus only accurate for the affected platforms . Only useful for a general view on malware spread.

It is very surprising about the growth of Malware attack in recent years. Based on the attack encounter rate, it concludes that malware attack is no longer being called as a “naughty action” from single or some hackers that want to take advantage from it. It is more proper to being called as “ organised criminal” action that can cause serious damages.

The malware that attack most of the Microsoft users is Rotbrow. This malware attaches together with the browser toolbar, browser security software, codec, or another variant types. Other than Rotbrow, there is also Brantall that attacks the user with almost the same way, that bundles with the downloadable software that markets in the Internet.

Towards the end of the article, it states how-to secure your device from such malware attack. What user can do is to always update their software and turn on the antivirus all the time. However, users still need to aware, as when the security increase, the method that is used by the attacker will be more variative.

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