A Delightful life in Datum

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Hi guys! My name is Jason. I started my 2 month internship in Datum Clearmind Sdn Bhd. Before I start work at this company, I had been thinking that will it be a though period for me to overcome it.  Still remember when the 1st day I work in Datum, I was like a baby monkey move into a new forest (office). The monkey (me) will stick steel to a tree (my chair), rarely move around to investigate the environment. As time to time, monkey (me) start to grow, he know where to seek for food, get interact and have fun with other monkeys (Datum friends) in the forest (office). He feels so funny playing around with the monkeys, chat and eat together.

I have been assigned to marketing department and my task is to do research. For me the 1st week is the most difficult week for me to overcome. It is difficult for me to face the computer half of the day and I will fall asleep. Soon later, I managed to overcome it although sometimes still fall asleep (=P). My supervisor Mr. Bernard always says that in marketing, information is to most important for a company. The more information you have, the more benefits for your company. Therefore, for this 2 month internship, I think I have read more than what I normally wouldn’t do it in a year! The input of knowledge is so much that I will not get it from the university education. This definitely will help me for my future career. For the most interesting part I think is the last task that I do which is required to make a video for Datum new product. It is the most headache part at the same time is the happier task I done in Datum.

I feel that I am so lucky to get shortlisted by Datum, if not, I will work for a tele-marketing for 2 month which I think will be very boring job for me. Work in Datum is definitely a right choice. Working in Datum, is like working at home. There is a giant uncle Ronson that will always talk jokes that make people laugh! Handsome Boaz will always use some sweet word flirt around the office and I feel so funny but a bit Ewww! Moreover, there is a young girl will come often to the office to play around with the colleagues in Datum. There are really many bits and pieces things happen every day that will make you feel happy.

As a conclusion, Datum offers a very good and comfortable environment for people to work here. You definitely will feel fun and happy when you work in Datum!

Jason – Marketing Intern      


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