When Keyword Optimization Does Not Make Sense Anymore

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Most business owners may have the idea of having keywords perform to their favor, when searched for certain keywords, expect to see their website appear in the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This is where keyword optimization comes in play.

But when more and more competitors are employing SEO and optimizing the same keywords, it becomes harder to maintain on the top listing.

It will only be logical to go for keyword-driven advertisements such as Google AdWords, where we pay for each click or number of impressions within the search engine results.

Alternatively, some may employ black-hat SEO techniques and dirty tactics to stay on the top spot.


Keyword Optimization Decays

What\’s the point if we have many hits from performing keywords but low in conversion?

What\’s the point if someone searched for a keyword and the first page is full of competitors? They will just compare and try each randomly. And if they have more time, to do some reading on reviews and read what others had to say.

As the old saying goes, when the only thing you can compete is against price, it is a \”Red Sea\” of slaughtering and killing each other. So, what do we do? Are there anything else we can do to maintain or improve our ranking in search engine?

In fact, yes! There are many ways we can improve our business in the online arena.

LoveRank Building

Allow me to go straight to the point.

Its how we add value to our prospects and customers, which then builds up our reputation and LoveRank.


How do I define LoveRank?

  • It\’s the number of prospects eager to try out our products or whatever we have to offer.
  • It\’s the experience they go through, from searching for solution to a problem and how they get to know us better and fall in love with us.
  • It\’s the way we deliver our promise and manage the customer\’s experience.
  • It\’s the reason why they will recommend to their friends and family.
  • It\’s the \”Why\” they choose our offer rather than our competitors.

What we do matters, both online and in the real world.

Crunching through all the numbers from analytics, reports and logs, we can easily get lost in the ocean of data overload and keep on focusing on (maybe we can call it) a misleading distraction. No point micro-optimizing at an early stage, when there is not much traffic. Just like in programming, avoid premature optimization.

But if we pull ourselves back to basics of marketing, who is our target market (or audience) and what can we do to attract and retain them, then that\’s what we should work on to build value.

An article on serpninja.io talks about the most proven way is to measure the traffic sources and sales pipeline. To tweak and fine tune each part of the bottleneck and improve the conversion rate.

Not solely banging on keyword optimization! You will end up high bounce rate if you do.

Its always the small things that matters most. Just like this post, a question, issue, daily experiences, opinions, reviews or self-reflection, it is good to build up our loverank by sharing. Not just any sharing, but something that\’s true to our heart and perhaps something that readers may find gold in it.

More and more people tend to be addicted to the Internet for information. Why? Because this saves them time, prevent costly mistakes or even just for entertainment.

This is a good thing and it is just a matter of time that the information you share will have a long term effect of attracting visitors.

This will lead to increase of sales, which would be the best acid-test for any sales and marketing process optimization.

That\’s just my quick notes on a passing thought before it fades off.

But all that said, keyword optimization is good as a complimentary tuning to improve search engine effectiveness, but not losing the focus to provide meaningful content. Getting a higher rank on the Google search page for your chosen keywords is the biggest benefit of link building. For further details, browse this site https://victoriousseo.com/services/link-building/.

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