Your Business Website Is Your Business

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There are many business owners willing to spend lots of money to rent, renovate and making their office or shop looks stunning.

However, when it comes to business websites, they tend to pay less attention and skimp on it.

Does the business website able to generate more visitors compared to the shop or office?

Perhaps the logical excuse is that we spend most of our time in the shop or office and making it nice is important. Or to attract and impress potential employees or customers?

From an investor viewpoint, if you put in X amount of money and it does not bring in the profit back in a certain amount of time, then it does not make sense to invest in the first place.

Does the office or shop have bottlenecks?

Hard to find location, no parking spaces or public transport. Websites does not have this problem.

If you have too much people coming to your vicinity, you will face a scalability problem.

But for a business website, scalability is far away from your worry. You will probably earn a handsome profit from the business website before you need to worry about scalability.

Why working on your website is better than working in your business?

Working \”on\” business website means we are working \”on\” our business, not \”in\” our business.

Working \”in\” business means that we are just merely making active income, keeping ourselves busy. If we stop, income stops. That is the meaning of active income.

When we start to work \”on\” business is when we start planting seeds for tomorrow. Seeds are the things that will grow and it will generate passive income.

One of the seed that we should plant is business website.

Passive income in business is different from those in investment, mainly due to the time and effort you need to put in initially and to maintain it. But the ROI will be much better compared to pure investment.

Why Internet and Business Website Excites Me?

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  1. Because you don\’t need to repeat everything to your next customer what you have said to your previous one.
  2. Because once you have something online, thousands or millions may watch it. Instead of one to one, now you have almost unlimited.
  3. The idea of unlimited potential and abundance vibrates with our passion of automation – let the computers do all the work!

Does this reminds us why we started business in the first place?

Perhaps (maybe it\’s just me), one of the reason is to have income that is not limited to the monthly salary.

Now, we have potential of income not limited even by location or staff.
That is why some dot-com companies have higher chance of making billions of dollars.

If we are starting a business, seriously consider online-first approach before settling down for a physical location (if applicable). Build a website and start marketing it first.

Now that you are convinced to work \”on\” your business (as in website), next we should review areas that we need to cover so we can start to work on it.

What are the things would you do when planning for your business website?

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