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Just like the vending machine, a website should be self-selling and self-service. To have website that sells, first it needs to be searchable and also convincing.

Searchable means that your website is listed in search engines and better in first page. To start we need to publish at least one post a week. A post can be anything from a simple quote or remark, an article to a video. Google assign higher ranking to websites that are  frequently updated.

Website performance (or loading speed) is to ensure that your website is fast. This is important to both SEO and user experience.

Convincing is important where visitors to your website is convinced and will give your offer a try. Share related information consistently and the website has latest and up-to-date content, not a website that was last updated 3 years ago.

Understanding the above, chances are we have same thoughts behind our heads:

What contents to put in to make it convincing?

To start working on convincing content is to work out a marketing plan. To get some tips, see the interview Kurt Uhlir: 10x Your Marketing & Scale Big here.

A marketing plan should include things like products to focus and target market. Promotional offers and unique selling proposition are equally important.

Web Marketing is also part of the business\’s marketing, which usually comes hand-in-hand.

Not just be found, stand out and be wanted.

Our definition of web marketing is exactly the above – be wanted. This fits in nicely to inbound marketing where your prospect finds you rather than the opposite. This is a must if we want to have website that sells!

Want to find out more about how to be wanted? Read our online marketing services.

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