3 Sure Ways to Build Contacts

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When you have something to announce and you noticed that you don\’t have many contacts that you can reach, that is when you start appreciating the value of huge contacts list.

In recent years, we do not send as many letters or faxes or SMS anymore. Instead, there are new ways to do it which will save costs and time.

Here we look at 3 sure ways that you can use to grow and build contacts list.

1. Email Newsletters

The most direct way is to have email addresses, which you can send them emails. However, due to spam, less people will be interested to put their email address on your subscribe box. However, there are still hope and ways to add more email subscribers to your contacts list.

You should look at a purposeful website or newsletter. Instead of a general newsletter about your company\’s promotions or product updates or company\’s events, how about having newsletter that your readers will be interested in? Something that is educational, empowering, entertaining and even sharing some heart-touching stories.

Ultimately, newsletter can attract many subscribers based on its purpose and usefulness.

2. Social Likes and Follows

This is a list that you build up with likes and follows, instead of having email address given to you, some may prefer to use social network which does not reveal their email. If you have 10,000 likes on your page and by posting a message on your page in Facebook, it is like sending out 10,000 emails to them.

There are many social networks around, depending on the kind of content and demographics, we use different social sites. The more popular ones are Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest.

3. Leverage on Other\’s Contacts

Look for friends or associates to help promote your message, of course this is a more challenging approach and usually they will ask you: What\’s in it for me?

Before you send out your message to their contacts, take the opportunity to work out attractive and irresistible messages so their contacts will come and join your list.

Some may even tag their contacts on a brochure (using the photo tagging) on Facebook, which their friends will be able to see the message. However, only use this sparringly and tastefully. You would not want to end up being un-friended or un-liked.

As a summary, it is not one or the other but using all ways to reach out. And very importantly to understand that building contacts is important so that when you have something to announce, you have the contact lists you need.

Would you start build contacts today?

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