GST EXPO @ KL Convention Centre (By Royal Malaysian Customs)

In conjunction with GST EXPO Customs will be having a series of 8 industrial specific seminars from 1 – 3 October 2014. GST Expo will start marketing the event in a big way next week.

As opposed to the 6 days GST consultant course by MIA and CTIM, this series of 4 hours for each industrial seminar.

Being organised in conjunction with Expo, the organiser managed to get Customs to provide a series of 4 hours industrial specific seminars. The price are kept as low as possible to benefit as many businesses and consultant as possible.



There are 8 industrial specific seminars to be held in conjunction with GST Expo. The objective is to

provide practitioners and businesses the mean to gain direct insight, understand policy set and

directly comment from the senior personnel from the Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC)

in relation to key industrial specific concerns.

Update: you can view the seminars and register here:

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