Seminar: IT System with GST for Pest Control Industry

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First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Raymond Lee, the Organizing Chairman and the Deputy President of FAOPMA, for giving us the opportunity to present our solution for the pest control industry.

As some of you might be aware of, the implementation of GST (Good and Services Tax) is only few weeks ahead of us. The value-added tax will have a significant impact on several industries in Malaysia and the pest control industry is not an exception.

To effectively address the impact of GST, the Pest Control Association of \"be10c2dc4bb5c4f42f26945ffafdfbbe\"Malaysia (PCAM) has organized a short seminar on the 10th of February, 2015, during which speakers of different background have contributed with their thoughts and ideas regarding the matter. Among those speakers was Datum’s founder and CEO, Davis Tan who saw critical role of IT technologies in coping with GST.

During the seminar, Davis has presented ProLine, one the companies key products, as a tool that will facilitate and ease the business processes for pest firms. The presentation, titled: IT System with GST for Pest Control Industry, was intended to showcase the essences of using ProLine as well as the benefits that derives from adopting it.

Among the points shared in the presentations were the type of business operations that ProLine was built to support including:

  • GST accounting transactions
  • Managing service contract & renewal
  • Scheduling planning

Davis has also introduced Mobile Apps that can be used by pest control technicians on fields. He pointed out the importance of using such apps in improving the overall quality of the services provided by pest management companies.

The seminar, overall, was an important event for Datum. Since its inception, There are many who have contributed to the Pest Control industry with its IT solutions and services. Hence, the company has pledge to do everything it can to prepare for the uncertainty associated with the implementation of GST.

\"FullSizeRenderAfter all GST will affect us all, companies and individuals. Therefore, as players in the IT arena, it’s our responsibility to provide effective IT solutions that will simplify the work and life of others.

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