Running a Business Website? It’s Time to Go Mobile-friendly

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Among the countless changes Google has put into their search algorithm, none are as significant as the one implement on April 22th this year. Dubbed Mobilegeddon, the new algorithm was developed to adopt mobile-friendless as a site ranking criteria. This means that Google search results from websites that aren’t mobile optimized will be pushed to a lower position in the search results.

While such change might not be a problem for those who already own a mobile-friendly site, it is almost a “disaster” for thousands of businesses, including multi-billion dollar companies such Phillips and AT&T, that derive more than 70 percent of their site traffic from Google searches.

Google dominates over 67 percent market share of Web searches in the United States alone. العب واربح المال الحقيقي According to market researchers, the new algorithm has affected 11 percent of search results, and this will even get more dramatic in the following months as mobile-friendly sites rapidly rises to the top position in the search results.

While many businesses have criticized the change, Google nevertheless has defended its decision which it viewed as a way to enhance users’ smartphone experience with website. According to Google, the new algorithm will not only allow users to find content that’s relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on the small screens of cell phone.

Despite its colossal impact on mobile searches, the algorithm update will not affect searches from desktops or tablets. Nonetheless, this will not make it any better for sites that aren’t mobile optimized, considering the fact that more than half of internet searches comes from smartphones. لعبت روليت

Fortunately for those “old school” sites, Google have given the businesses that operate them a two-month warning to comply with the change. Google also posted a step-by-step guide, including an online test tool, that webmasters can use to pass the algorithm test. Despite this, a research has revealed that nearly 40 percent of famous sites have failed the “mobile-friendly” test.

Among those sites was a price comparison service owned by European Union. The update has significantly impact the site’s services, causing most its Google search results to disappear from the front result page. مراهنات على كرة القدم While this algorithm is not intended to push aside competitions, or panelize uncooperative sites, it will nevertheless affect businesses big and small, particularly those that haven’t yet realized that we are already in a “mobile-first” era.

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