FAOPMA 2015 : A worthwhile experience

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We were pleased to attend at FAOPMA 2015 Convention in Penang, Malaysia on 2-3 September. This year\’s convention theme was: \”Managing Invasive Pests for a Sustainable Tomorrow\”. The convention was attended by hundreds of prominent local and overseas pest control enterprises and pest control professionals. It was a showcase of the latest research findings, technology and experience relevant to the pest management industry. The accompanying exhibition featured booths covering pest control companies, termite control supplies and more.

We, Datum ClearMind also presented our solution for the pest control industry. During the convention, Datum’s founder and CEO Davis Tan has presented ProLine, one of the company\’s key products, as an IT solution that will facilitate and ease the business processes for pest control companies. ProLine is an All-In-One Business Operations and Intelligence Software designed to increase productivity, efficiency and higher bottom-line. It has the following key features:

  • GST accounting transactions
  • Managing service contract & renewal
  • Scheduling planning
  • Keep track of adhoc order and contract (pricing, package, single or multiple service locations, service frequency)

Davis has also introduced Mobile Apps called ProLine MFS and newly launched MFS Manager that can be used by pest control technicians on fields which will improve the overall quality of the services provided by pest management companies. We also gave way FREE GST book during the convention.

Overall this convention was a great experience for us and we enjoyed every bit of it! Thanks to FAOPMA, especially the organizing chairman, Mr. Raymond for having us and looking forward for future events.

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