E-Cig Flavors Can Cause \”Popcorn Lung\” said by Reliable Harvard Scientists

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Recently, a team of Harvard scientists made a grisly discovery. They found Candy-flavored e-cig liquid contains very dangerous chemical diacetyl and two other harmful compounds that cause a horrible condition called “popcorn lung“.

Diacetyl can cause bronchitis obliterans, a degenerative and irreversible respiratory condition. It often requires a lung transplant. Bronchitis obliterans is also known as popcorn lung. موقع رهانات  The history of the naming of “popcorn lung” is also quite interesting. Eight former employees of a factory in Missouri that made artificial butter flavor for microwave popcorn and inhaled diacetyl from the flavoring on a daily basis and developed wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath, as well as night sweats and weight loss. Isn’t it  a horrible condition?

But the worst thing is many people who vape with flavored e-cig liquids also inhale this chemical on a daily basis. Some of these people are kids too. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering regulation e-cigs like tobacco products, but for now, it’s still a bit of a free for all although the victims might have to visit WhiteSands drug rehab Fort Myers Fl in acse of addiction.

Studies found that  safe vaping with nicotine-free liquid could still cause popcorn lung. لعبة بوكر حقيقية  “Since most of the health concerns about e-cigarettes have focused on nicotine, there is still much we do not know about e-cigarettes,” says Harvard professor David Christiani, who co-authored a paper on the new study. قوانين الروليت

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