5 Golden Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty

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The question of \”how to find new customers online?\” is on the minds of most entrepreneurs. Yet the question of \”how to keep existing ones happy?\” is one that only forward-thinking businessmen relentlessly seek the answer for.

By lowering your acquisition costs in favor of repeated purchases, recommendations and relationships built on trust, you will not only maintain the sustainability of your business activities but also gradually increase your revenue per customer. You can also try utilizing modern and blazing fast websites engaging your audience from the best web development company, such as EcDev Studio.

5) Maintain a regular presence in their lives with your blog and social networks

Your blog and your social profiles are not just improve your SEO using rank tracker to track the pages and attract new prospects, but also great ways to get into the daily life of your existing subscribers and customers.

Based on the information provided by Web Design Liverpool, on the Internet, the incentives are so numerous that even a first satisfied customer may abandon you in favor of a more visible competitor, more committed and more aggressive in its web marketing strategy.

Learn to lay the foundations for a solid content marketing, with the development of a regular editorial calendar and publication of articles, videos and even books (if possible) that specifically address the needs of your readers.

4) Automate your presence with email marketing

Whether they are completely automated or not, your emails, nonetheless, can (and should) aim for maximum impact.

Whether it is a series of free lessons from registration, sending new articles published on your blog or exclusive content to your subscribers, email marketing allows you to create a sense of appointment involved with your readers and customers. If you work out your content, you should even be able to produce a craving (in your customers) for your next mailing.

After all, the customer loyalty above all is fuelled by your daily, weekly or monthly presence in their inbox.

3) Improve user experience (UX) to encourage repeat purchases

Retaining customers is impossible mission if their experience on your site or your customer service is poor or not up to their standards.

Remember to regularly assess and evaluate every UX-impacting aspect of your system (or site) including performance, ease of use, accessibility and even aesthetic appeal.

If you are managing an online store, consider offering the option of allowing users to purchase without registering. A \”guest account\”, for example, is still a good way to not scare off buyers who come to your site for the first time.

2) Build a memorable customer service

The quality of your customer service is essential to the sustainability of your business, regardless of your industry. You must not only anticipate questions and situations that may occur for your customers, but also make yourself stand out when it comes to solving their problems.

According to Forbes, 71% of consumers abandon a business or the use of a product after a bad experience with customer service. Even if you are individual entrepreneur, set up a reliable and fast system that always be there when customers needed it.

In e-commerce businesses, customer service is even more impacting. The reputation of a site can quickly be tarnished by delivery problems, hidden fees, of damaged goods, unreliable return policy or customer service that turns cold shoulder on any problems encountered.

1) Stay ahead of competition

The market changes, new competitors appear, well installed companies evolve their model … and above all, your customers are changing. Even if everything works for you today, create a regular feedback system to collect customer expectations (new or recurrent) and listen to any suggestions they can make you. This does not mean that you will act on all, but it is important to keep an eye on the reality of your industry.

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