6 Pitfalls to Avoid When Promoting a Website on Google

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Focusing on keywords alone and blindly imitating competition is not a good start for building a website that ranks well in Google. A successful website is rather a result of following good SEO guidelines by Web Chimpy and, most importantly, avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls that costs you time and money. There are also talented SEO professionals like Damon Burton that can provide SEO solutions to companies coping with property, E-commerce, medication, education and more.


1. No internal links

Internal links basically mean that a page on a domain name is linked to another page on the same domain name- read at the blog. Such links allow users to navigate your website (in a meaningful way) and contribute to its ranking.

Internal links are also used to implement the architecture of your website by establishing a hierarchy of content and making your content visible and more easily searchable by search engines. 888 casino

Failing to link pages on your site together internally, it may be more difficult or even impossible in some cases to the robots of search engines to crawl and index your pages.


2. No URL-canonization

The URL canonicalization avoids the problem of duplicate content. When a page is accessible using multiple URLs to search engines, this sends a misleading signal that each URL is a different page.

Take for example your home page, your website has a problem if a user can access it using all variations of URL:

• http://www.example.com
• http://example.com
• http://www.example.com/index.html

To avoid this confusion, you should use the canonical URL to determine the URL you want to present to users by adding the rel tag = “canonical”.


3. Targeting generic keywords

This is a mistake that many people make unfortunately, and the worst is that they often do not know!

Too generic keywords rarely materialize conversions and too competitive keywords are time and financial investment.

Tools exist, including Google’s keyword planner tool and others to help you avoid this pitfall. They teach you about the keywords search volume, allowing you to better determine the level of interest and feasibility of each keyword.


4. Focusing on traffic only

This is probably one of the most common SEO mistakes. Many websites try at all costs to attract the largest number of internet users possible through a high ranking on search engines.
Webmasters often well integrated SEO practices and their sites are at the top of the rankings. By cons, they do not necessarily take into account the fact that people judge the relevance of a website in less than ten seconds.

Therefore, attracting ten thousand visitors per day on your site will not have any positive impact on your goal if users quickly leave. شراء يانصيب اون لاين Additionally, the bounce rate (percentage of visitors to a website who leave immediately after visiting the first page – home page or landing page) can affect your futures SEO performance. A high bounce rate may be indicative of the dissatisfaction of visitors and possibly send the wrong signal to Google SEO.


5. Meaningless file names (images, documents, videos…etc)

Poor naming of images, documents and other files is just bad for SEO. Be sure to avoid giving generic names to your images (picture-1.jpg, 2.jpg image and so on), and use more meaningful names (e.g. cute-brown-kitten.jpg) or names relevant to your keywords (e.g. black-panasonic-coffee-maker.jpg).

This practice shows the search engines that you complement your content with consistent and informative images and other files and that you allow them to easily get more information from your site.


6. Expecting quick results

Unlike PPC (advertising on the advertising platforms of Pay-Per-Click), with the help of Sydney SEO you can create an strategy to success. So be patient because results may take several months to be visible, but once achieved, the result is more stable and less expensive than advertising campaigns.

An SEO strategy requires a little time to get fully up and involves writing quality web content, as well as constant optimization techniques from experts like Cheshire SEO to stay on top of the rankings on search engines.

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