Announcing HotLines App

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\"hl-banner-vert\"Article republished from as the website is not accessible in Malaysia.

After a long 9 months, we are proud to announce the launch of HotLines mobile app.

A mobile app for instant customer service.

HotLines offers you:

  • Instant communication between your organization team and customers
  • Efficient tracking and handling of customers requests and complaints
  • Organized operation flow based on teams and channels
  • Easy assignment of customer requests to relevant staff

Companies may have insufficient staff to handle too many phone calls.

With HotLines app however, one staff can handle multiple conversations simultaneously, saving costs and helping your staff focus on what’s important and work anywhere they want.

Companies or any organisation including government agencies, non-profits, schools, communities, etc. can create their own hotline within the app that will be discoverable by others.


For operations flow, HotLines has more to offer:

  • A hotline can setup channels to manage teams and assign tasks.
  • With channels, staff can pickup and assign requests to themselves.
  • HotLines ensure no one is over-burdened by support and management can track the status of each request resulting in happier customers.

HotLines is a forever free app!

We plan to offer special features for companies with a pro version in the near future. Currently in beta version, anyone is welcome to download and try.
Feedbacks are welcome and we look forward to improving lives.

Thank You, Team Datum

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone in the development and testing team that made this app a reality.

About HotLines

Wanting more to be done from chat apps and able to simplify business operations and workflow, the idea for HotLines was born in 2015. HotLines was developed by a team of 6 at Datum ClearMind from Malaysia.
The app requires a phone to work as it will verify your phone number by making a miss call from your phone. Available for Android and iPhones.

Let’s give it a spin and we look forward to hear from you.

If you are in the property sector, we are currently in the look out for property management to introduce HotLines to simplify communications for all stakeholders – learn more and submit your interest.

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Let us set the standard for your
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Let us know what you are looking for. We’ll take a look and see if this could be the start of something beautiful.