Business Trip to Myanmar

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On 22 May 2016, Davis, Fion and me had been to Myanmar for a business trip. We were requested to implement Proline and provide training at one of the pest control company in Yangon.

In Yangon we were staying at Business Alliance Hotel. The hotel staffs were helpful and kind. Our client was very kind to demonstrate such a great hospitality during our stay.

First night we were in Yangon, the client brought us to Hotel Savoy for dinner. We were having traditional European bistro dishes at the hotel\’s restaurant, Le Bistrot. I personally enjoy the delicious dinner with pool and authentic view. We were having great conversation with client till late night.

On next morning, we were having breakfast at our hotel and then walked to client office to start work. It was not too far away, which was good. When we were there, it was the raining season. You can expect rain every now and then. And on the late afternoon, it was heavy rain until the roads are flooded!

We experienced power cuts as well as the electricity supply is unstable. That\’s where professionals like an emergency electrician can swoop in to the rescue. Luckily, most of the offices there have their own generators but without air-conditioning. Anyway, we survived the training under hot and sweaty condition — imagine having 8 person in a meeting room with a projector.

We suggest anyone to bring umbrella, wear shorts and slippers during raining season (which we were wearing formal and could not walk comfortably there). For dinner, we were going to Sharky\’s. The dinner was my favourite.

Following day, we were having second day of training. It was still raining. After the training, we need to rush to go to airport. It was heavy traffic in Yangon, the time was around 5pm. Then, we arrived at Yangon airport, our web check-in printout could not be use.

We still need to queue up just to print again the boarding pass at the counter and best part is that half way on, the screens were all black as if power failure to the systems. We only have 30 minutes left before boarding and the queue is still long! Luckily the staff were quick in their decision and separate those that needs check-in and those already did online.

That was quite an experience in Yangon airport.

Overall our trip was awesome with blast of delicious food and such great hospitality from our client. The most important thing is the Proline implementation and training had been done successfully and surely will be visiting Myanmar again.

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