HR: Utilizing mobile technology to create a better workforce

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Finding talented candidates can be a major challenge in the hiring process of any company. According to a research in 2014, nearly 110 billion dollars are spent a year in effort to build competent and productive workforce with a spectrum of desired skills.

However, a big portion of these astronomical costs are put into advertising and hiring agencies that do all the heavy lifting of finding the right candidates for the job. Paying to hire people is a hit and miss approach that deprive organizations from knowing the true potential of who they are hiring.

While there is nothing wrong with hiring a staffing agency to find the perfect employee, other approaches that utilize technologies such as social media tools and mobile apps to build a productive workforce in cost-effective ways.

Optimizing for mobile for faster discovery and easier application

Many job seekers use their mobile phones to hunt for a job. If you don’t have an application that’s accessible on mobile devices learn about kennected. If your website is not optimized for mobile screen, then you might be missing on a lot of potential talents.
This can be tackled by prioritizing mobile experience by building or make the business website responsive and easy to navigate on any mobile device screen. Another way is to allow job seekers to apply using a custom mobile app that allow faster and easier access to job postings as well as application statues. بيت فاينل

Using social media to know candidates better

People put all sort of information about themselves on social media platforms such as facebook and instagram. In a nutshell, these services are perfect tools to gather information that can help employers know a bit more about candidates and their personal lives, hobbies, interest and most importantly, their skills and work experience.
Create a group on facebook to post jobs offers and allow people to join the group, post, share and like. This will give you the opportunity to look up interested candidate’s profiles, learn about their lifestyle and also see the kind of topics they share on daily basis to determine their interests and passion and, most importantly, their eligibility for the job.

Considering employee referral to discover talented individuals

While many people find their future jobs by looking up postings in sites such as or, others simply ask their friends, classmates or ex-colleague to recommend them to employeers that happened be in their social circle.
Referrals are extremely powerful because they relate to real life experiences. When we like someone, we are happy to help them find a job, particularly in something we know they are good at.
A good way to facilitate referrals is to use social media sharing tool that allow people to share job postings to platform such as facebook. Another good method is to utilize skill endorsement feature provided by apps such as linkedin to collect and analyze information about the skill level of potential candidates to determine who is the most competent. لعب بوكر

Providing personalized communications to candidates

When your company receive so many applications, it can be difficult to reply to individual candidates. It’s easy to use an automated email response or generalized application service, however the majority of job seekers don’t feel that’s enough and therefore continue looking somewhere else.

You might not be aware of this, but most job seekers are expecting more personalized communications, which could be anything from a personalized email to a phone call from a recruiter after an application has been submitted. Companies that don’t respond to each applicant may find themselves losing great talent to competitors.
A good way to re-assure a candidate that their applications haven’t been ignored is by sending follow-up email that inform them about the status of the application. بينجو لعبة Another smart approach is to send an email prompting them to provide more information (e.g. portfolio, updated resume) that can help determine if they are fit to set for an interview and eventually a background check provided by companies such as Sterling Check.

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