Why you should not have an app for your business

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  1. It can be redundant

Apps can be useful if it provides additional features that a website cannot provide such as loading pictures from your phone and scan bar codes. But it will be redundant if you can just make a mobile friendly website that can provide exactly what the app can offer. In fact, apps consumes storage space and data rapidly; therefore, you need to have good reasons such as exclusive app features, better communication or unique service from the app. You might want to re think app development if you are only offering the same thing that is currently accessible on your website. Basically, make sure your app is going to be better than the mobile version of your website.

  1. Risk annoying your customers

It is very irritating when a company is forcing its users to download their mobile app just because they do not have a mobile friendly website. Companies that practices that usually suffer higher bounce rates due to higher number of annoyed users. You might get some extra downloads if you force users to download your app, but it won’t be beneficial in the long run because you eventually lose customers. كيف تلعب لعبة بينجو So, always give users the option to browse the mobile friendly websites instead of forcing app downloads.

  1. It can drain your company’s resources

Assuming you have the resources and manpower to make an app, do you know apps can be really expensive to maintain? Making an app and maintaining it is two different task, because maintaining an app is a long term and expensive commitment. There are bugs you have to fix and updates to keep your app efficient.

  1. Time consuming

You can be the wealthiest business owner but wealth cannot buy time. If your app’s development is heavily dependent on developers, expect to wait. Making a good app is not an easy task, it can require many precise planning and time. قوانين لعبة الروليت Besides that, you will also need talented mobile developers and seeking for them is a competitive task. كيف تفوز بالروليت A delayed app is eventually good, but a rushed app is forever bad.

  1. No one comes after you built it

There is a high chance that no one or very less people will be using your app after you spent a lot of funds and time to build an app for your business. Mobile adoption relies a lot on your effectiveness in measure the behaviors in your app quantitatively by collecting feedbacks from your users and repeats the same process quickly and constantly. According to Business Insider, the user rating of an app will increase when there is more frequent update but do you have the resources, funds and manpower to do it?



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