We are pleased to announce the release of Proline version 3.2.374.
This version includes new features and enhancements from feedbacks received.

Among the areas improved, here are the highlights:

  • Direct Email – we have added built-in email system to enable sending out print-outs such as letters, reminders and invoices with few clicks.
  • Quick Renewal – now there is a simpler way to renew and print renewal letters from orders.

Change Log

  1. [Access Right] Fixed access right for show/hide issue debit/credit in the invoice.
  2. [Access Right] Added the access right to allow to create AR/AP from invoices.
  3. [Accounts] [Balance Sheet] Added the checking, the report will not show if it not tally.
  4. [Accounts] [Balance Sheet] Added validation to check if the Organization Groups (OG) name missing.
  5. [Accounts] [Bank Reconciliation] Show correct sign in differences amount for payment and receipt.
  6. [Accounts] [Bank Reconciliation] Added account name to bank reconciliation criteria field.
  7. [Accounts] [Batch Processing] Fixed batch processing for auto interest billing to exclude credit note for cancel.
  8. [Accounts] [Closing] Fixed to exclude Lock GST for Service Form to allow backdated amendment, account re-closing bug that skips closed period and checking Lock GST period for all sub OG if parent OG already locked.
  9. [Accounts] [Closing] Added to reset ledger view before running the closing task.
  10. [Accounts] [Closing] Added to validate missing account type for ledger codes.
  11. [Accounts] [Expense Note] Fixed to allow Post to Handler as long as contact and handler are different people.
  12. [Accounts] [Gift Notes] Fixed to exclude canceled Gift Notes in GST Report, GST process, and GST03.
  13. [Accounts] [Journal] Fixed to run auto journal when creating debit/credit note and avoid duplicate auto journal after reposting a credit note.
  14. [Accounts] [Ledger Balances – WIP] Added New and Print button.
  15. [Accounts] [Ledger Details] Fixed ledger amount with GST amount in double entries when the user changes Tax Code
  16. [Account] [Report] Improved Financial Reports with OG name.
  17. [Account] [Tax Code] Fixed to include GS to Item13 for GST03 and added new tax code: ZDA, for export declaration requirement.
  18. [Account] Added the filter older outstanding.
  19. [Admin] [General] Fixed Holiday setup.
  20. [Admin] [Manage Items] Able to put Notes and Remarks.
  21. [Deliverables] Capture target service and area details as remarks.
  22. [E-Filing] Hide Sales Attachment when E-Filing not available.
  23. [Expiring Order] Fixed to show quick renewal after Revise as Renewal and open order directly after Confirm Renewal.
  24. [Invoice] Fixed to reload billing document after save in auto posting mode.
  25. [Options] [System Settings] Able to send invoices and other print-outs by using built-in email system.
  26. [Options] Show Proposal, Order, Invoice etc with status Cancel once click Show Closed / Inactive Records.
  27. [Order] Billing Address can be reloaded.
  28. [Order Summary Report] Fixed repeated amount due to multiple set titles.
  29. [Proposal] Fixed Copy From function by copying area, action, status, remarks, etc from existing Proposal.
  30. [Schedule] Able to generate backdated schedule.
  31. [Schedule] Added Delete function and fixed saving function.
  32. [Service Form] Auto pickup service frequency description when print.
  33. [Service Schedule] Edit Order function is now available.
  34. [Shortcut] Ctrl+M to un-post or modify.
  35. [Stock] Fixed stock unit price stock balance and stock card report.
  36. [Stock Opening Balance] Fixed to remove extra lines after saving.
  37. [Stock Opening Balance] Fixed serial number issue.
  38. [System] [Setup] Enhanced auto numbering for the serial number.

Updating ProLine & Feedbacks

If you wish to update your ProLine, contact us for details.

Do let us know how we can help simplify your work, feedback and suggestions are welcomed.