Pest Control Software in Myanmar!

Last week, we visited Myanmar to provide pest control software - ProLine training to a Pest Controller at Yangon.

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ProLine Pest Control System is back for 2nd visit at Myanmar!

\"\"Last week, we visited Myanmar to provide pest control software – ProLine training to a Pest Controller at Yangon. It was a long blasting week filled with great moments and fun too!

Our team’s mission is to provide training for the existing staff, and to support as much as we could so that they will be able to fully utilise ProLine for their Pest Control Business efficiently and effectively.


Despite the days of training and meeting, we had an enjoyable moments during our stay in Yangon. The training went amazingly well as the client and staff were very cooperative and had treated us with such great hospitality. We have successfully introduced ProLine featured highlights to the client and were able to improve their overall workflow such as from operation, management, sales, multi-branches up to accounting and reports.

Our team also managed to venture around Yangon. We visited the famous temple – Pagoda, and had LOTS of delicious food and a great time shopping and walking around Yangon!

The two weeks training was memorable and definitely one to cherish. We felt so thankful to our client who appreciates our system so much! ProLine has yet made another achievement by helping Pest Controller to improve overall communication between departments and increase productivity.

For now we bid you good-bye and we hope to return again ~ Myanmar! (^,^)/

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