Sell More with Impressive Offer

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Sell More by Impressing Your Customers

There are a few ways to impress your customer. One of which is to offer something expensive at a low price. Let your customer know about the SYSTEM your office is running, thus impressing them further with reliability.

But how to sell something at a lower price?

1. Always increase value of your offer. Create a promotion. Find suppliers for corporate gifts and give free gifts to loyal customers.
You can also look at your stock, you may consider giving a free gift from your slow moving product.

2. Reduce your cost, but before that, know your cost.

3. Ask your customers to participate in a referral program and reward them.

Additionally, a well prepared and presented proposal / quotation is important. It increases the chances of getting more business. It provides an expectation of how to do business with your company.

Tip: This includes understanding exactly what your customer wants and deliver to them. Let them “feel it” that you understand them by giving them options / choices.

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