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Cloud Storage

Think of Dropbox, Google Drive, eFax and iCloud, a place where we can securely store our files online (at least that’s what they said). Optionally without realising, we are storing memories on Facebook, Snapchats, Instagram and Twitter – the social media platform where we can freely share our thoughts and pictures of last night’s dinner or game night. Moreover, we can view and upload files from smartphones at anywhere and anytime, manage sharing folder to whom is allowed to view with only a few taps on your phone. Isn’t that simple and fascinating?!

So, what does this has to do with cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a part of cloud computing system which serves to store electronic files and other important data online where you can access it through your smartphones, tablets and notebook regardless of what time you want to see it or wherever in the world you currently are, browse this site for more information. It’s online and it’s in your pocket. Therefore, multicloud management is the future of business where everything is mobile & remote, less time consuming and environmentally friendly!

FOUR reasons why you should consider cloud storage

1. No server needed on your end

  • Servers are used to store various types of files for different clients. Cloud based systems do not need clients to have a server on their end because it’s already in the cloud where authorized users can access it through the Internet. You can just carry your Internet-connected phone with you always and that’s all there is to do.

2. Be mobile where your customers are

  • I’m not sure if you’ve ever been in a position where you have to fax (or even worse, send it through mail) the bills to your 100 customers where everything uses a lot of papers which is certainly time consuming. It makes your employees cranky, therefore, it makes your customers unhappy. And you don’t want that because it is bad for your business. But now is the time to be alive where everything can be managed through a tap on your smartphone. Deliver your files online simultaneously to your employees and customers without moving a muscle and solve more problems in a short period of time.

3. Scalable for your business

  • You’re expanding your business, so more and more employees data to be kept not to mention the number customers are skyrocketing. Thus after three cabinets of data, where are you planning to put the rest of the upcoming documents? That’s where cloud storage takes place. The ability of cloud storage to expand its capacity to meet the size you need to store your business’ data makes it convenient for everyone that involves in your business, and your customers too. You want the size of your file storage(or cabinet for that matter)to be flexible, then cloud storage, such as stockage en ligne, is the answer.

4. Off-site server back up with data encryption to cloud

  • Touch wood on natural disasters like floods or fires that destroys a vast number of important business documents, let alone business that doesn’t own any business insurance. Cloud computing allows you to store important files and documents virtually and it allows flexible access time and from any devices. Security is indeed a crucial thing in keeping data safe and secure which is why cloud storage is used in today’s business to provide the service of encrypting important document away from unauthorized access and preventing damage.

So, there you have it. Cloud computing and business works together thus opens the door for your business to grow and expand. Now is the perfect time to change the way business operates as Oxford and economists has predicted that in 20 years’ time, 47% of today’s job would be automated and individual’s job would be so much more productive than it was before technology has taken its place in business operations.

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