Operations And Accounting In A Cloud System

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No, It\’s not a Bird, It\’s Superman

It\’s not JUST an accounting software, ProLine is the All-In-One Operations and Intelligence Software for small to medium businesses.

Accounting is meant for counting and measuring past events.

Operations is meant for planning ahead and improve efficiency by monitoring current and future events.

In Datum, we believe that less is always more. Fast-paced technology including Hybrid Cloud Solutions are gradually taking over businesses operation that makes transactions and communication far more efficient compared to the traditional way of conducting business. Using one software to manage almost everything in your business system could save your business a fortune, and we\’re talking about time.

  1. Predicting Future Performance becomes easier. Systems integrations allows actual revenue and expense reports for the past few accounting period. Fast and accurate.
  2. Supply Chain Management are no longer an issue. It helps you saves time and energy making work more organized.
  3. Tracking Information History management and control are quicker and secured compared to the traditional accounting and operation management.
  4. Data compilation becomes easier and time-saving. Compared to how the traditional business operates, integrated systems refines the capability of your business processing and making revenues.

Integrated system are more than just another computerized accounting system. It\’s the future of your business operation.

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