We are pleased to announce the release of Proline version 3.2.470 (with QuickComp 2.8.24 and DBVer 1.668).
This version includes new features and enhancements from feedbacks received.


  • [Contact] Fix to hide/show inactive contacts from master listing.
  • [Expired Order] Finder applied within the expired order listing.
  • [Invoice] Fix to enable “Attach to Order” feature for invoice. (1)
  • [Invoice] [Service Form] [Orders] Fix to enable “Attach Service Form” when modifying auto-posted invoice from orders. (2)
  • [Invoice] Now two taxes are available for you to choose for one transaction. (3)
  • [Order] [Schedule] Added a check to block new schedule when order status is inactive.
  • [Order] Added Order Sets limit per order to 20. (4)
  • [Order] [Confirmed Proposal] Fix a confirmed proposal to order problem that always produces total amount to the last order sets when chosen more than 1 options to confirm. [5]
  • [Order Set] Fix on crash when Check O/S Rental
  • [Order Set] Fix on the crash when Order Set limit exceeded.
  • [Proposal] [Order] Fix auto pick up for all orders set address when user amend contact address from order level for both order and proposal.
  • [Quotation] Show “Billed” status once issue invoice from quotation at master listing. [6]

Proline Performance

  • Include check on possible loading failure
  • Improved Jump menu usability
  • Improve loading performance for order set in master listing


  • [GST] Amend your Lock Data after GST processing by selecting New Revision. [7]
  • [Ledger Details] Fix to skip auto assigned local amount in multi-currency environment in ARAP due to single sided zero amount is possible and allowed especially when adjustment needed otherwise will have account closing ledger amount not tally error
  • [Quotation] [Invoices] Fix to skip posting of quotation after creating the invoice in auto billing posting mode.


Updating ProLine & Feedbacks

If you wish to update your ProLine, contact us for details.

Do let us know how we can help simplify your work, feedback and suggestions are welcomed.