Phi’s Internship Experience

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Interning at Datum Clearmind is truly an opportunity for me. It helps me recognize how much I am ready to work in the industry. The experience that I went through here is very different from the one I learned back in class at the university. Here, the goal of delivering a quality product to customers is definitely the most essential point of the company.

The main concept of this work is putting your point of view and ideas to produce a satisfying system for the users, in which I have never considered before I came here. However, Datum Clearmind has helped me to understand the important aspect in software developments.

Here, I did not only learn what to do, but also how to do it. The collaboration and teamwork involved different channels with online and face-to-face communication. The work flows here involves not only the manager but also the entire staff working together. This also helps me change myself for the better and teach me how I can solve problems and added my own suggestion with the others, which is very powerful for a software developer.

Truong Ma Phi– Programmer Internship Testimonial

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