ProLine GST module with GST 0%

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All supplies of goods and services which are now subject to GST at standard rated 6% becomes standard-rated 0% effective on 01 June 2018. Importation of goods is also subject to GST at standard-rated 0%.

We have upgraded most of your GST module yesterday, and 2 new tax codes “SR-0” & “TX-0” are added to the list as the GST 0%.

*Tax Invoice
• Tax invoice will be default SR-0 ( SR0%), you still have the option to choose SR ( SR6%) when necessary.
• Both SR0% & SR6% will be declared in 5a, 5b of GST-03.

*Supplier invoice
• Supplier invoice will be default TX-0, you still have the option to choose TX ( TX6%) when necessary.
• TX-0 will be declared in the 6a of GST-03.

Please ensure you have latest ProLine v3. on all PCs :
Without this ProLine program update, when you perform the GST-03 processing, all amount in invoices dated after 1st June 2018 will not be included in the 5a) & 5b) sections while all amount in supplier invoices dated after 1st June 2018 will not be included in the 6a) & 6b) sections.

*gst treatment according Kastam FAQ guideline as at 30 May 2018.

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