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Spend more time on monitoring and track your team productivity with our Flexi Scheduling features. M4 let you populate your services schedule automatically once an order is made. Means less fuss for you to manage team daily jobs and instead, you can easily balance your team workload with a simple drag and drop,  where you can move jobs around so that everyone can keep their productivity high, your clients get served and work gets done on time.

Simple and easy to use yet comprehensive Flexi Scheduling, M4 allows you to set up your services just the way you need them. Easily visualize your schedule so you don’t need to worry about overbooking, scheduling conflicts or missed appointments. You will be in control and more efficient than ever before.

Flexi Scheduling can also pre-plan appointments a year ahead of time and you don’t need to worry about having to chase your clients over it. With auto reminders via email, and SMS you can get your clients reminded for the service where they can check and reschedule if necessary. They get their service, and you’ll never miss another appointment again.

Paired with our Google Maps mapping integration you can view and compare schedules on a map, calculate distances, drive time and view google driving directions for your busy teams with multiple trips in a day.

Don’t worry about your team spend more time on route, M4 got you covered with route optimization that will plan ahead and optimize the route to cut their time on road. Instead of spending more time navigate the route, they can focus on the real task.

M4 will help you plan their routes. Your teams won’t overlap areas so that they can cover more ground in a day, and get to clients promptly. You can ensure jobs are distributed evenly through the team calendar, where you can check on the tasks assigned to a team member.

Handwritten methods, paper calendars, and spreadsheets simply can’t compare to the time savings made possible with simple, affordable scheduling features of M4. These older methods are also more costly. Schedule, adjust and track your technician with greater ease.

Wonder how Flexi Scheduling can optimize your pest control services business, Feel free to contact our BPO – Business Process Optimisation consultant at enquiry@datumcorp.com or click here to learn more about saving time and improving team performance with our Flexi Scheduling.

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