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Involving in pest control business, you’re not working at a desk. You are on the move getting things done. M4 mobile is designed for both technicians and owner-operators.

The M4 mobile app for pest control companies is not only an addition to the M4 Web Application but a perfect companion to technicians performing extermination services out in the field.

Technician will receive their to-do list in their M4 servicing app. They can simply tap their device screen to be directed to their next destination as Google map navigation will assist their journey. Once arrived, they can start the extermination services by clicking start job.

With MapScan features, the M4 app allows you to place markers on a floor plan to identify areas where service has been or should be done. Just scan QR code on existing or new stations and place the marker to the correct location for your record.

Update the details of the jobs in the app as you can attach photo as visual confirmation to the service done. You can also update all the chemical and part use and delete when it is needed.

After your technician done with their services, customer to review the service report, sign and add on stamp to verify the job is done. With in-app customer rating and feedback, you can track your technician services performances easily. After a customer signs & rates the job, a PDF service report will be sent out automatically to your customer by email.

Once the job is closed, work done. It’s time for M4 to auto-generate the invoice for completed jobs and send the bill to your customer automatically so you won’t miss out to bill your client. And, expected to receive payment faster!

M4 servicing mobile app keeps work orders and customer accounts ‘in sync’ with events at the office. It creates a paperless environment with work orders and proposals and saves your company time and money.

M4 mobile will streamline your workflow, simplify management, and improve customer perception saving you both time and money. No more missing workers lost notes, and best of all no data entry when you get back to the office.

Wonder how M4 mobile app can improve your technician productivity and work quality? Feel free to contact our BPO – Business Process Optimisation consultant at enquiry@datumcorp.com or click here to read more on our M4 system for advancing pest control business.

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