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In M4, we believe tracking your technicians is just a small part of the solution to improve pest control service operations. That’s why we offer a complete pest control service management system that includes tracking capabilities.

In M4 we focus on giving our clients a complete, end-to-end solution from client intake and scheduling all the way to invoicing clients at the end of the job. In between, we provide tools to manage technicians, manage client contact information, standardize work tasks and, yes, find your technician’s location.

  • An innovative approach to time tracking

Monitoring and organizing each technicians hours logged, as well as location and job site information no longer needs to time-consuming task.

  • GPS location tracking

Once technicians clock that mobile app logs gps tracking in perth, their location and updates it workday. You can get real-time insight into who’s on clock, where they’re working, and what they’re working on.

  • Real-time coordination

GPS show which technician is closest to next job site, at best deploy you workforce for maximum efficiency.

  • Digital mileage tracking

Track job trips and mileage in real time with our mobile app or add trips afterwards. Use GPS to save time when searching for addresses.

  • Project time tracking

Track every minute spent on project in real time. You’ll always have data right that fingertips when you invoice your clients.

  • Technician-trusted tech

Easily view technicians locations to ensure everyone is exactly where they\’re need, for greater accountability.

  • Employee time tracking

Track your technicians work time, annual leave and sick leave. At overview over each person’s work hours and their holiday entitlement at any time.

  • No drain, no pain

GPS tracking, on average, use less data in day the social media apps in five minutes. It won’t drain your phone’s battery either.

Why settle for just seeing your technicians on map? At demonstration of M4 and find out can drastically improve your service operations while deliver better clients service and generating more revenue.

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