Adila’s Internship Experience

I just spend about 4 months of internship in Datum Clearmind and certainly will be a very meaningful memories for me. If you are a person who love challenges and up to learn a new things, Datum is the one for you. During my internship here, I’ve a lot from developing a website to developing an application.

The environment in this company also make my internship period more enjoyable and comfortable.

With a family-like colleague and a very approachable and friendly bosses, I could not find any day where I don’t enjoyed my internship here.

Of course there’s up and down situation especially when the project presentation day is approaching but that gave me an experience for me who are a fresh graduated on how the real world or real job feel like and make me more determined to keep working on this field as a developer.

Adilla – Programmer Internship Testimonial

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