My Internship Experience in Datum

“There no longer has to be a difference between who you are and what you do.”
― Gary Vaynerchuk

Before Datum, I was determined to find a suitable company for me to do my internship in. I had been wanting to utilise the skills that I have learned in university to the real world, and had been expecting to learn new knowledge and maybe a different set of skills. Accepting the offer to Datum was the first step to this great adventure, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity Datum have given me.

It had been a incredible experience after spending 3 months of my internship in Datum Clearmind Sdn Bhd. In Datum, I was assigned to manage WordPress website, designing posters and banners, writing articles, and providing creative writings for online web marketing of which, I honestly enjoyed doing. It’s especially been a privilege to work alongside with the higher management as they’re always open to suggestions and ready to help whenever needed. Besides that, I was given the opportunity to work face to face with clients too, which is one of my best experience in Datum.

After my internship, I received an offer to become one of the permanent staff in Datum’s Marketing Department of which I am more than happy to accept. Datum had taught me plenty, even in a short period of time working with the company [not more than a year]. However, I knew right then Datum is the right place where I can continue to gain knowledge and at the same time improving my leadership skills.

To conclude, I’ve learned a lot here in Datum, not only the skills to be good at your job, but to create plenty of great memories with the people I work with. I can feel that I’m improving more and more each day compared from the day I started my internship here in Datum. Overall, I’m grateful for the memories and experience here, and I’ll always cherish the time I’ve had in Datum.


Geogiana Gau – Marketing (Creative Writer) Intern

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