How Datum can be your best software partner

For over a decade, we’ve provided a spectrum of IT solutions that simplified the life of many, from clerks to accountants, brokers to developers. Yet the driver of our success has always remained the same, achieving better results with minimum time and resources. Your partnership with Datum will not only makes you a part of […]

WIKI: An Effective Paperless Approach to Software Documentation

For years, WIKIs have proven to be very collaborative and efficient tools in edit and presenting web-based information. A wiki is a web application that enables it’s users to collaboratively modify, extend or delete any of its content that may include text, images and videos. A famous example of a website that heavily adopts WIKI […]

From DARPA: Software That Wouldn’t Need Updates For a Century

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is a US agency behind some of the world’s most spectacular and sophisticated military technologies. A few years ago, DARPA has sponsored the development a cheetah robot and published a video of it showing a metallic four-limbed machine galloping on grass field. The video soon became viral on […]

GST-Compliant ProLine, The Fruit of Sleepless Nights

Almost two weeks has passed since GST became effective on the first of April, 2015. We are glad to announce that we\’ve made it through delivering our promise of GST-compliant version of ProLine to our clients. It is arduous to describe the level of anxiety and stress that we\’ve all faced as GST epoch was […]

5 Things You Should Do Before Outsourcing Software Development

Outsourcing may seriously cut your expenses leading to a big boost in your profits. However, if you don’t do it right, it could cut through deep into your pockets and leave you in a loss – a doubled-edged sword, indeed. What are the things you must keep in mind when you outsource? What should you […]