Online Collaboration: Why It Makes Perfect Sense For All Businesses

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The recessional economy coupled with the ever-present need for businesses to cut-costs so as to boost bottom-lines is bringing about  more solutions to the table than any average business model can handle.

Of all the options though, online collaboration stands-out due to evident advantages. Does it make sense for a business to switch to project management software? Will this adoption of business intelligence software really bring about any strong benefits for businesses? Here’s why you must consider Online Collaboration:

Global streamlining of projects: For once, you could leverage the true potential of the Internet and have your projects handled by remote work-force, each logging in separately into the same collaboration system and delivering work. Work can be assigned to respective workers, with milestones, expected deliverables and dead-lines.

You could even set-up options to check activity levels, use time-tracking and other details pertaining to each of these virtual workers while they are on the system for complete hands-free management.

The obvious advantages are the incredible savings in costs due to reduction of office space required, ability to hire offshore work force for much less than that for local workers(outsourcing), more efficient work delegation and management and finally, a stupendous decrease in overall project management costs.


Centralized Database management: All the work done by various departments in your company (or perhaps different locations that your company is based out of) can be placed in a central database. This can make it simple for you to manage results, take back-ups, keep the precious data safe and automate business operations to a large extent.

Freedom from Hardware pitfalls: Hardware like computers, laptops, disk drives, and even servers are all likely to fail at one point or the other. In such a case, can you really afford to depend on hardware for your critical business operations?

Don’t you think a redundant back-up is required along with real freedom from hardware? Online project management allows you all that and much more. It utilizes the “could computing” concepts (sometimes coupled with virtualization) to develop in-built systems to transfer all data pertaining to projects, customer data and much else to the “cloud” thereby granting you the freedom to operate from any computer as long as there is Internet Connectivity.

Think about what our proprietary software Proline 3.0 can do: It can help you manage shared folders and has an in-built emailing feature so as to help you collaborate with your co-workers and even your remote teams virtually.

The unique E-filing feature allows you to manage your files easily by using simple actions like drag-and-drop. You may arrange your folders and access them all using a simple navigation or do a search.

Have you considered going to the “”cloud” yet? What’s your opinion on Cloud Computing? Do you think Online Project Collaboration and Management can add value to your organization? If yes, how?

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