3 Ways Proline Can Boost Sales Cycle

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\"215591_2977-11\"No business can sustain itself without a working sales cycle in motion – the more effective this sales process is, the more profitable any business will be.

Strangely, most small and even mid-sized businesses don’t seem to be giving the sales cycle the due importance it deserves.

Creating an effective sales process is not a one-off task; it’s an orchestrated effort requiring tremendous amount of input, co-operation and hard-work.

Notwithstanding the inherent difficulty of implementing a sales cycle geared to pump up profits, there is also the element of ever-fleeting changes in customer loyalty, the complexity of consumer behaviour, etc., that a company has to deal with.

To make matters simple, business software like Proline 3.0 works to bring about a systematic approach to your business cycle, of which sales cycle is part of. While dealing with consumer behavior might be complex, the actual process that a business must implement to reach the customer and deal with individual clients need not be complex; in fact, it can be made fairly easy.

Here’s how Proline can boost your business cycle:

Create Quotations Easily: Most sales processes have bottle-necks which stop the otherwise smooth flow of the process that starts from consumer awareness to a sale closure.

One of the major bottle-necks most businesses face is the time spent by the business (or sales staff) to whip out quotations. The faster the quotations go out, more sales happen. Proline helps you to auto-learn price lists pertaining to your products or services. It can help you churn out quotations on the fly, while dealing with the customers in real-time. Before you commit to deliver, you may also check stock availability and confirm to sales order. You could generate invoices and estimates too — all this at the click of your mouse. You may never have to keep your customer waiting.

Reach out to your leads in style and know before you call: Can you guess what one of the most glaring mistakes in a telesales process? Not customizing or personalizing the call to every individual customer.

Most telecalling efforts are “templated” (also called as cookie-cutter) approach. No one customer is the same and the result of the call made to each customer is also different. The present methods of storing customer related data in spreadsheets (and on paper, which is even worse) is at best archaic.

Proline helps you capture all suspects, prospects and customers related details (including what their preferences are, relationship with other contacts if any and even some other random comments which might just be instrumental in landing that sale) in one shot, at mere clicks of a few buttons.

Next time your sales staffs (or even you) make calls, you know exactly who you are talking to.

Be in the Know; Stay on top: Without data, your sales process could be best termed as “chaotic”. You can never manage something that cannot be measured. In spite of this, most companies don’t stay on top of their numbers.

\"\"Worse still, most small businesses don’t even have a way to procure numbers, deploy Management Information Systems (MIS) and have access to data that they could analyze and then take decisions with. Proline helps you gain all this access by congregating relevant data from other modules like sales, accounting, etc. Not only that, but it also allows you to create stunning for making it easier to assimilate the results of your analysis through visuals like graphs in your reports.

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