How To Create A Less Stressful Workplace – An Employees Perspective

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Dear readers,

Last week was a busy and stressful week for me and many in Datum…yup even for me. At the same time, I didn\’t have much rest as I was also busy with the Vaisakhi Day  preparations (a religious and harvest festivals celebrated on 13/14th April by Punjabis and Sikhs worldwide).

So, if you didn\’t see a blog post last week, thousand apologies!!!

Anyway, this week I\’ll be sharing 2-posts. Hope you enjoy the read and please comment if you can.

Nope, that\’s not one of our staffs and we certainly haven\’t started eating our laptops!! Hahaha 🙂

Usually, from my observation, 9 out of 10 times if you asked someone in the company, \”How are you? Are you stressed out?\”, the usual reply would probably \”yes! of course!!!\”

It doesn\’t matter what kind of business you operate or departments you head. Every company or department has its own complexities and challenges to deal with on a day to day basis. All the same for stress levels too. Good thing there are companies like CBD Armour that offer quality stress-relieving products.

Here in Datum, the programming division is probably the most stressful division as each programmer is assigned to several programming projects which they must complete within a specific deadline. Programming is not easy and perhaps that\’s why I never faired in programming back in college.

I found a superb article by Steven Handel who\’ve explained the issues at workplace and ways to make your workplace a less stressful one.

Basically, Steven says…

It\’s difficult to have to work in an environment that often stresses us out and drains us of our energy. Most of us probably spend between 30-50 hours a week dedicated to our job or career. It makes up a huge part of our lives. Yet we seem to accept the mantra that \”work sucks,\” so instead of trying to adjust our work environment and make it more pleasant, we learn to grin and bear it.

I object to this perspective.

I think a healthy workplace depends on our ability to feel more in control. And while some jobs don\’t permit us with a lot of freedoms, there are always a few key things we can do to make our work environment more bearable and less stressful.

So let\’s get straight to some of the things you can do.

Ease Tension With Coworkers And Bosses.

Relationships can make or break a work environment. When people don\’t get along and don\’t know how to communicate effectively, there is a lingering tension in the office that can ruin everyone\’s day.

We dread walking into the office, not because we don\’t like what we do, but because we have to deal with an assortment of jerk-offs, bullies, whiners, and other vampires who suck up any positive energy in the room. Every office has them.

So what can we do? First, you have to learn how to let a lot of this negative energy just roll off your shoulders. The more you respond to negative energy in a negative way, the more you are contributing to the problem. Trying to reframe some of the negative aspects of work in a humorous or joyful way is often very effective for breaking the cycle of negativity in your work environment.

When someone makes a sly remark to you, just nod your head and smile. When someone gives you an order in a condescending tone, just imagine that person with a baby face talking in a really high-pitched voice. When someone starts a heated argument with you, know how to defuse it as soon as possible (whether that means cracking a joke or politely walking out of the room).

No, you won\’t get along with everyone, but there will always be some people who you hit it off with better than others. Build solid relationships with these people. Get to know them better. Have lunch with them. Share interesting stories. Vent about work to each other. Having a work buddy (or two, or three) can really help you get through those tough days.

Also, if you have a bad past with some coworkers, try to fix them. You can try to patch things up with them, apologize for your mistakes, and start again on the right foot. Or – if they are truly that unbearable – try to deal with them on strictly business terms and minimize any excess interaction.

If you can, consider avoiding some vampires entirely. Some people you just can\’t get along with no matter how hard you try. It\’s very likely your work environment has one or two of these people. Recognize those boundaries. Sure, it\’s not the ideal situation to be in, but it\’s better than feeding into a destructive relationship and making it grow worse. If avoiding these people means moving to another office or part of the company, consider bringing up your concerns to management.

Read it all here >>

VIDEO: How Some People Handle Stress?

Is this funny or what? Check out this video! Whatever, you do, don\’t laugh…this guy is seriously seriously stressed out…

 In Conclusion

Always relax, play games such as togel online and take things one step at a time. Take deep breaths when you\’re feeling stressed out. Walk about in your office and talk to your colleagues about general stuff, the news, a funny cartoon you saw last night or something…anything!

Stress is one of the major killers right now which can cause hypertension which eventually can lead to life threatening conditions such as heart-attack, heart failure, brain hamourage etc. Don\’t let stress eat us up. Let\’s be in control and stay cool at all times, if not…most times 🙂

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