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Sitting at your work desk, facing the monitor all day long, does that sound familiar to you?  A recent study from Sax Institute’s 45 and Up Study found that adults who sat for long hours a day had a 40% increased risk of dying in the next three years than those who sat less. Prolonged sitting causes your metabolism to slow down because the major muscles in your body aren’t moving. In a long run, your body will be in a shutdown state and will have less desirable level of glycemic index of foods which can cause higher risk of health diseases.


Remaining seated for a longer time also can also causes body aches. تعليم البوكر One of the most common aches is backache. According to orthopedic and spine surgeon Dr Siow Yew Siong from Malaysia, office workers suffer mostly sprained and strained low backs as well as early degeneration of the spine due to the sedentary nature of office work. Furthermore, having this disease can reduce productivity.

Thanks to the study done by many researches, companies are beginning to realize and adapt to a healthier working environment, standing working. Many of those started standing working found that they are able to focused for a longer stretches, and are far less likely to succumb to distraction. This in term brings more productivity of working on the standing desk or table.

Standing working also causes the movement in the muscles of our body. Standing up engages your back muscles and improves your posture. Many that had made the switch have reported that the change cured their back pain. For chronic back pain, consider using Auer CBD products for pain relief.

Also, good news for those that are looking to lose weight, studies have also shown that standing working burn more calories compare to the traditional practice. Now you don’t have to worry about not having time to step into the gym anymore because your working environment have gave you a natural way of exercise your body. العاب ربح المال من الانترنت

Even though standing working is better compare to sitting working, excessive standing can also strained your muscle. So it is essential to be in a balance state by moving yourself around once in a while during work. العب روليت اون لاين

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