How to Generate Overtime Reports

Reports are important to companies to monitor its company transaction and progress for a certain period. One of the most common report use in proline is to monitor the technician work hour. Calculating normal hours for employees is manageable. But what if you have overtime?  Think about the hassle that have to go through if we are going to do it manually?

In order to have an automated system, we need to have modules that determine the starting hour and the ending hour for the overtime. We also need a way to calculate it with the correct amount.  Proline surprises you by generating overtime report to take care of the overtime problem. There are two ways that can be done. In fact these can be done with some simple steps.

Under Toolbar click scheduler. Then click Daily Scheduler Tab. Click Down Arrow Button to choose Daily Job Listing, click Print to open a box.  Enter the date and time from and until. Click the Ok Button. In 19/02/2012, there is 1 job that has overtime. In addition, Proline also takes care of your technician that starts before overtime hours and finishes during the overtime hours situation.

Another way you can do it with Proline is Under Toolbar, click Reports, click Operations Tab and click Down Arrow Button to select Daily Job listing. Click the Show Button.

With Proline, user will also be notified in the report when the starting and ending time are not set.

With such report, companies are able to save time to monitor overtime situations.

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