“There is No small job, only small people”

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Halo Guys

I am Khadija, an intern student from UCSI University. I want to share with you all about the power of this term “Job”.


When I was in my last semester of studies in the TWINS Education\’s new IGCSE tuition centre in Kota Damansara, I promised myself I shall never accept any job that is not into my field. That is Journalism. I passed all the interviews I attempted but some had the requirements that I could not met while others were too far for me.

My School got me Datum. 

“I don’t think if they can give me any job related to my field;” I wondered! But let me make whatever available as my desires, so I started with patience.

On the contrary were my thoughts! I am in my third week now and Datum has done nothing but PROVED ME WRONG.

You know what guys; in my writing passion life I never considered broadcasting as a career. One of the assignments I attempt in this company and it opened my eyes was the making of 2 minutes video, where I needed to record my voice.

It was funny in the beginning, but I got huge improvement that astonished me with time.

This is the point I realized there is no small job in this Universe, but there are small people.  Not small in size age or height…but small in vision.

The way we tend to see and think of things only defines how small or big we are!

I, underestimated my ability without further thinking of what potentials and how big can I be!

Nothing is impossible under the sun!

No matter how huge or narrowed it is, it remains to be a job, and don’t underestimate it.

Khadija Amri.


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