Why Blog Is Important To Your Work

Whether you are an employee, employer or freelancer, it is increasingly important if not a requirement to start blogging (writing).

A blog can be applied to a company, personal or community website. It can also be called a blog, news & updates or whatever the name you want to be. But why should you include blog as part of your lifestyle?

A blog can have superpowers. To “connect” to your audience (think customers, employees, visitors, anyone potential). Blogs are good to improve website stickiness (returning visitors) and disseminate news faster than emails, phones, televisions or radios (if you want to know how, leave a comment below).

It may contain just a short sentence, a video, a photo, some slides or just plain text.

Have you heard of this?

The more you give, the more you shall receive. I truly agree with it.

The longer we blog, the better we become and naturally, your website becomes  influential  over time as you gain more readers to subscribe to your posts and “trusting” your writing. Use tools like SEO Magnifier: plagiarism changer online before you publish a blog post.

Ultimately a blog lays the foundation for “passive-yet-subtle-selling” and innovation, which is the core of success for any business or individual.

Writing is hard. Want some hints?

  • Just be yourself, write in your own fashion / tone. You don’t need to be an expert in language to write.
  • Be positive and always read with an open mind. Thank commenter for their feedback whether it is good or otherwise.
  • Attract attention of readers by putting some nice related photos above or beside your text.
  • Re-read your post just before publishing to minimize some errors and irritate some picky readers.

Happy blogging! 🙂

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