Experience in Datum

As my 2 months of internship in Datum come to an end, I hope that the clock will turn back to the first time when I arrived in this great company. At first I was having a hard time in adjusting to the new environment, but the staffs here was very helpful and friendly and I was able to adjust eventually.

I was assigned to the marketing department and research was my main task. In these 2 months I have learned a lot of things that I am not able to obtain from the textbook. My supervisor was very helpful and patient with me. Whenever I don’t understand about the task, he will explain to me until I understand. As I read more about other websites, my knowledge and interest grow as I read on. During this internship, I was also assigned to tasks that I have never done before. One of my tasks was to come out with a video storyboard and script which turn out to be a great challenge for me. During this period of time, my supervisor and the team have given me a lot of support and this has encouraged me a lot. The hardest part in this internship at first was to stick to the chair for 4 hours before and after lunch. As time passes, I was able to adapt to it and now it is not a problem anymore!

In these 2 months, I have met with people who were wonderful. The staffs here were always ready to help whenever I had questions. My fellow interns were also interesting and funny. I had a great time talking, laughing and working with them. I will miss all of them a lot when I leave Datum and return to university.

In conclusion, this internship has given me so much precious experiences and memories that I will remember as I move on in life. The knowledge and experiences that I gain here has equip me with the skills that I need in the future.

Kah Wei – Marketing Intern

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