Internship Experience

This is my first internship at a company and I have learned so much in these 2 months.

During my time as intern here,tasks being assigned are all related to my course,Business Information Systems. I learned how to make invoice until html which I’m still lack at,but then it can be solved  with the help and did some research and practice.

Apart from  working experience in Business Information Systems  field,I also got the chances to tried do other tasks which challenge my writing ability with made newspaper for company’s website and had so much fun could contribute for company video promotion project .

I gained a lot  great experience working with Datum and other interns.

And not only that,there is support and guidance of people here in the organization,once ever  got sharing session ,Mr Davis,the CEO of Datum gave talk which was inspiring and gave me new perspective on the IT Business world.

The other good things I love about this company is the friendly atmosphere.It’s like tradition to celebrate staff’s birthday here and we also had annual & Christmas  dinner  last 2 weeks which makes interns feel like family for Datum .

Ayu – IT Support Intern

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