We are pleased to announce the release of Proline version 3.2.458 (with QuickComp 2.8.23).
This version includes new features and enhancements from feedbacks received.

New Features

  • Proposal – Remove any item with Qty 1. (1)
  • Now can send proposals, renewals etc. through e-mail via ProLine. (2)

Change Log


  • [Accounts – Closing Task] Fixed process account closing performance.
  • [Contacts] Added “Leave blank to use default” to supply and purchase tax code in contacts. (3)
  • [Email] Added to pick up email data for Proposal and Orders.
  • [Email] Fixed to pick up salesman email to show in sent email via QR. (4)
  • [Email] Fixed to set email subject with the original order number when printing renewal.
  • [Finder] Added the search by “Amount” filter in transaction listing. (5)
  • [Invoice] [Order] Fixed the tax inclusive wrongly calculated when creating an invoice from an order with preset tax inclusive in order set. (6)
  • [Order] Added Old Doc No in Order page as a reference. (7)
  • [Order] Fixed to show site info on the main address. (8)
  • [Order] Fixed newly added deliverable wrongly stored in new revision problem when user amended the effective date of single revision exists.
  • [Order – Deliverables] [Proposal – Option] Fixed to hide hidden stock items from all lookups.
  • [Order] Fixed to copy all MFS files from order to new orders after renewal confirmed. (9)
  • [Order] Fixed to hide canceled order sets in “Servicing” listing provided the workflow has set up as “canceled” and the option “Show Closed/Inactive” is chosen.
  • [Report] Fixed ProLine crash if no record available when print contract by year report.
  • [Scheduling] Fixed the wrongly generated n-week of the month especially on Sunday.
  • [Supplier Invoice] Fixed to unable to repost existing supplier invoice due to AR/AP exist when posting to handler because of wrongly validation of changing of account ID. (10)


  • [Bank Recon] Fixed bank recon crash problem when general journal contains narration and remarks from external ledgers.
  • [Close Account] Fixed first closing to check if current period is the first financial period to proceed year end closing on last year.
  • [Close Stock] Fixed stock closing missing fields when closing account.
  • [Trial Balance] Fixed trial balance wrongly pickup current period amount on the opening balance period.

Updating ProLine & Feedbacks

If you wish to update your ProLine, contact us for details.

Do let us know how we can help simplify your work, feedback and suggestions are welcomed.