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Managing a pest control service is no easy task, especially if services like pest control is not hired. Throughout the day you are pulled in various directions from moving between the office, your service vehicle, customer accounts, maps, reporting, etc. The list goes on and on. that’s the reason, it is important to hire a reputable exterminator

In addition, you need to keep track the service your teams do, where they did it, what pesticides were used, pest targeted and so much more. And once the team returned to the office, office admin need to enter completed work orders, create and mail/e-mail invoices, file paperwork and a host of other administrative tasks. Make sure you get help with unwanted bug problems.

For many pest control companies, this is a daily routine. Maybe you have a team who helps out with daily activities such as scheduling, invoicing, and customer calls, maybe not. Either way, this can quickly become time-consuming, costly and error-prone without the proper tools to manage your company. In addition, general service and accounting software don’t provide the tools, pest control companies need to fully manage your business. You can read the post here to help with getting rid of pests.

M4 was designed specifically to address these issues and more. It exists to streamline pest control operations and to help you regain the time and money spent on administrative tasks so that you can get back to doing what you do best, Providing great pest control service.

Here just a few of the time-saving features you will find in M4:

  • Auto scheduling to streamline office operation and field technicians
  • Auto email and receive customer appointment confirmations
  • Sync service reports data to our back office system from our mobile apps, and email the service report directly to your customer
  • Auto billing – send out invoice to clients automatically once the job is done

If you are evaluating pest control software and you are looking for a technology partner that understands your pain points and cares about the success of your business, feel free to contact our BPO – Business Process Optimisation consultant at or click here to read more on our M4 system for advancing pest control business. I’m certain we can help.

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