What are the challenges of customer service today?

Providing quality customer service is easier said than done, especially when competing with giants in your industry. If are planning to raise the bar high for your customer service, here are few challenges that you should be prepared for.   Too many redundant customer issues About 80 percent of the calls that customer service representatives […]

How to infuse empathy in customer service

Employees in many companies struggle to empathize with customers because they don’t possess a similar experience of which they can relate to. For instance, an accountant probably does her own taxes, thus she may not understand the confusion or problem her clients face when as they try to fill out tax forms. On the other […]

5 Ways to Collect Valuable Feedback from Customers

Your customer feedback is extremely valuable. According to statistics, for every 1 customer that complains, 20 or more remain silent when things go wrong. Yet, many business remain distant from the direct experience and input of these few customers that bother to blew the whistle. Fortunately, there are several methods to collects decent amount of […]

How to Increase Revenue via Customer Service

Customer service is generally perceived a burden than a mean to make money. Most businesses dedicate as little time and resource as possible to attend complaints and solve the problems faced by customers. But, in reality customer service is no less essential to any business than creating products and selling them. With the right mindset, […]

Instant Communication: A Recipe for Better Customer Service

The rise of business voip systems marks a significant milestone in business communications. The are also other hardware and software products that can help improve communications within and outside businesses. The announcement of the Beta version of the HotLines App marks a milestone in our quest to infuse better communication in customer service. After all, […]

5 Golden Tips to Improve Customer Loyalty

The question of \”how to find new customers online?\” is on the minds of most entrepreneurs. Yet the question of \”how to keep existing ones happy?\” is one that only forward-thinking businessmen relentlessly seek the answer for. By lowering your acquisition costs in favor of repeated purchases, recommendations and relationships built on trust, you will not only […]

Chat vs. Phone Support: Which is More Viable for Your Business?

Choosing the right customer support channel is fundamental in establishing good customer relationship. Phone and chat are among the hundreds of means that facilitate customer service in any business. Yet, most businesses either have no clue about or care less of which is -inherently- better in dealing with customers? A phone call or chat? If […]