5 Ways to Collect Valuable Feedback from Customers

Your customer feedback is extremely valuable. According to statistics, for every 1 customer that complains, 20 or more remain silent when things go wrong. Yet, many business remain distant from the direct experience and input of these few customers that bother to blew the whistle. Fortunately, there are several methods to collects decent amount of […]

Signs of Communication Failure in Business

Found this pretty relevant and useful. Hope this can increase awareness of what is happening in our organisation. The signs of communication failure in business from dwong003

Central Stress Point vs. Team effort: How to Achieve Sustainable Operations

Teams represent the basic structure of how operations such as sales and customer service are organized and managed in companies. Despite the proven power of team effort in sustaining operations and increasing productivity, many organizations fail to stick to it and, instead, create a ‘stress point’ where individuals’ work drive the company’s revenue. طريقة لعب […]

Instant Communication: A Recipe for Better Customer Service

The rise of business voip systems marks a significant milestone in business communications. The are also other hardware and software products that can help improve communications within and outside businesses. The announcement of the Beta version of the HotLines App marks a milestone in our quest to infuse better communication in customer service. After all, […]

Announcing HotLines App

Article republished from medium.com as the website is not accessible in Malaysia. After a long 9 months, we are proud to announce the launch of HotLines mobile app. A mobile app for instant customer service. HotLines offers you: Instant communication between your organization team and customers Efficient tracking and handling of customers requests and complaints […]